Thursday, September 30, 2004


Back on the Track

It's been some time. Transitioning back into the academic life has been somewhat challenging, given my unconventional views regarding the education system here (or education altogether, for that matter.) Nonetheless, one has no choice, for there is no true choice when every option is predetermined.
Philosophy aside, things are starting to settle into what's becoming a tedious routine. Seeing the same faces everyday, walking the same steps everydayt and recollecting the same thoughts every now and then. Everyday I realize how much potential I have in hating things. No, I don't hate people and I don't encourage it, but I could do it really well if I cared to. I've come to realize that I spend an excessive amount of time rejudging people I already know. For instance, I do this as I listen to intellectually unmoving talks, by some so-called friends, about how they've once again started a new friendship with that girl, unaware of my awareness that such aquaintence is motivated solely by looks. I'd say this approach is harmless, but telling about it everyday is definitely numbing my grey matter. Another class of individuals that can, in principle, deserve my hatred, are those who display symptoms of AAD. I'm not reiterating, but Lord tell me how can some people be so naive about world events that are taking place as we speak? We're in the 21st century for God's sake, it's supposed to be the Information Age or what not, so why do people still refuse to be informed one way or another? Why not broaded their scope of mentality by engaging themselves in a Kerry-style debate, just for the sake of debating? People need to be more opinionated, or they will no longer qualify as persons.
In any case, I suppose being involved with such pitiful people is also becoming part of the routinely cycle. Do I hate? No, but I can't give enough credit to the man who said the following: "I either want less corruption, or more chance to participate in it." For now, I'll lean more towards the former. Amen.


On the fence

Oops! I meant to say "on defense". As in, the topic of tonight's highly anticipated, highly publicized and highly "blogged about" debate. It was entertaining, informative and lively. The complete opposite of what I was expecting. Bush remained unwavering in his stance that Kerry wavers on key issues. Kerry dumbed down for his audience to connect. And apparently, the questions were very biased against Bush:

8) OK, I'm not hypersensitive about such things. But these questions are turning out to be extraordinarily biased. Every question seems to be "so, let's talk about the mistakes Bush has made..."

But shouldn't the person making the mistakes be the one to receive the tougher questions? I may be mistaken.

Bush, being the "President next door" type, got major points for his anecdotes and use of words such as "liberty", "courageous", and "freedom", non of which have a clear-cut definition in the realm of W. Kerry, got major points for focusing, giving clear answers and not being as wordy as expected. Both parties will declare a victory for their man, but who will really believe it? I think Kerry didn't win, not to say he lost.

As an opening debate, both candidates did what they ought to do: reinforce their messages to their supporters. In the next debate, I expect Kerry, and to a lesser extent Bush, to reach out the the undecided voters and try to win them over. After this debate, it's clear that a previously undecided voter would still remain on the fence.

Note: You know I wouldn't talk about George without mentioning his trademark Bushisms. The Bushisms were not really quote worthy, as they are kind of expected. Maybe I'll find a gem in the transcript.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


He got...

OWNED! Low Culture just ate New York Post cartoonist Sean Delonas' food.

Note: Maybe I'm a little excited. I don't know why though. Something about our need as humans to laugh at other people's stupidity or whatever. Actually, its because Delonas' cartoon came out 2 days after W made the remark about John Kerry, and one day after I and the rest of the blogosphere commented on it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


International News Article |

You just cant please the US. I think I see where this is going.

Washington accused Iran of removing a substantial amount of topsoil and rubble from the site and replacing it with a new layer of soil, in what U.S. officials said might have been an attempt to cover clandestine nuclear activity at Lavizan.
W just delivered a staggering right jab to his opponents weak spot. After weeks of taking, he gave it back. Bush is known to surprise his opponents with sharp blows uncharacteristic of his inarticulate and rather juvenile style.

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(Let's hope he's not reading the same article you are.)

"He could probably spend 90 minutes debating himself," Bush said.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Who's Party Is This?

Every few decades, a generation has a coming of age party. Shaped by the experiences this generation has had the party usually has a very distinctive vibe.

For Somalia's young lost generation, displaced by the ongoing civil conflict and finding itself dispersed around the globe the coming of age party has just begun. And MCing the party, at least for now, is K'naan.

The rapper, also known as Keinaan Warsame has finished recording his sophomore album "The Dusty Foot Philosopher". The first single, "Soobax" has hit the airwaves and is currently being played on MuchMusic Television in Canada.

Pace Magazine has an exclusive interview.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


The new era.

It is my pleasure to present the dawning of a new era, in which blog and blogger come together, for a great and glorious future. Oh, how I've missed this little outlet of mine. As some of you already know, I've gone off to university, so I couldn't write anything for a solid week prior to recieving my internet connection. But that doesn't matter. What's important here is that I now have a much wider range of interesting topics to discuss. Without boring my gracious audience to death, let me just say this: Nineteen will be undergoing some major changes in the next few months. I know I always do this but I just have to say it..."Look out for my next post...Peace"

Wednesday, September 08, 2004



Until I get time to write, dig this.

Saturday, September 04, 2004


An uninformed political rant.

Is it possible that I am the only person infuriated and frustrated by the incompetence of the news media and the ease by which politicians can manipulate the masses? I am not a conspiracy theorist but, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!. You know when pro wrestling decided it would no longer hide the fact that it was fake? When they said to themselves: "Who cares about pretending its real. They dont care. They like it just the same. So why waste our energy?" Well, I believe politicians and government have reached the same point. When some iron pumping lump of steriods and human growth hormone can become the highest elected official in the most populated state in the United States of America and then make a speech about "economic girlie men" to the roaring applause and appreciation of thousands of so called republicans, I guess they just aren't trying anymore. When said official does that with a hilarious accent, they really stopped trying. I haven't been this frustrated since the Olsen Twins countdown ended and I was no where near them. But I digress. Maybe one day CNN and the rest of the so called media will decide the death of thousands of innocent people due to a "miscalculation" by the so called leader of the free world is more of a scandal than Michael Jackson and his "Jesus Juice" or who is banging who in Hollywood. Well, maybe not that. But they're almost there. It's like the world is crumpling all around me and all I can do is laugh it off. I am about to cry here. Maybe we need a revolution. I am not an American, but who are we kidding? They run the world. So a revolution in America can only be good for the world. I'm not talking revolution like guys wearing pink shirts in public, I'm talking revolution like Napolean, Civil War, Che Guevara gun slinging shit. Well, now I'm inciting violence. But as Thomas Jefferson put it, "An elective despotism was not the government we fought for."

P.S, I will not be posting anything for the next week as I will be making the transition to living on campus at University, so expect something from Nab and hang tight.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Thou shalt not kiss the arse of fame.

The other day I was out for some ‘get-together’ time with a few friends, our first destination was a café wherein we were obliged to watch the incomprehensible final episode of the Middle Eastern version of American Idol (which was broadcast on a Lebanese channel.) The two finalists did not impress me and I expressed my opinion of them to my friends, all of which agreed that these singers are unworthy of fame. The finalist who won the competition is seen in the picture below, minutes before the winner is announced, smiling in an orgasmic fashion:

I do congratulate him for feigning humbleness and at least thriving to be a talented fellow. Back to the original discussion – so after the café escapade was over with, we decided to go eat dinner someplace. After being seated, we were watching the local news on TV, and behold, the “superstar” shown above is on the local news. Suddenly, the guy shown above is popular. I emphasized to my friends that I still don’t see the talent in him, something they agreed with. However, one or two of them, who before mocked the singer using homosexual remarks, now seem to respect and almost idolize him. They praised him like he is their first cousin and in all seriousness expressed their newfound emotional attachment towards the pop idol. I like to point out that I am not fond of such hypocritical friends, however, I find it funny that people’s perspectives of others can change in an instant due to fame, wealth and whatever else materialistic attributes. Is this a result of the superficial brainwashing shows the youth watch on TV these days, or are we naturally born shallow and ass-wipers? (Females are especially shallow, and that seems to come natural. Hands down.) People who display such abrupt change in their perspective of others must be avoided, for it is a sign of hypocrisy and they tend to be highly self-interested (read: “Jew.” No pun intended against Judaism though.)
Judge not, lest ye be judged. Until next time, don’t let my writing be your Bible.

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