Thursday, September 30, 2004


On the fence

Oops! I meant to say "on defense". As in, the topic of tonight's highly anticipated, highly publicized and highly "blogged about" debate. It was entertaining, informative and lively. The complete opposite of what I was expecting. Bush remained unwavering in his stance that Kerry wavers on key issues. Kerry dumbed down for his audience to connect. And apparently, the questions were very biased against Bush:

8) OK, I'm not hypersensitive about such things. But these questions are turning out to be extraordinarily biased. Every question seems to be "so, let's talk about the mistakes Bush has made..."

But shouldn't the person making the mistakes be the one to receive the tougher questions? I may be mistaken.

Bush, being the "President next door" type, got major points for his anecdotes and use of words such as "liberty", "courageous", and "freedom", non of which have a clear-cut definition in the realm of W. Kerry, got major points for focusing, giving clear answers and not being as wordy as expected. Both parties will declare a victory for their man, but who will really believe it? I think Kerry didn't win, not to say he lost.

As an opening debate, both candidates did what they ought to do: reinforce their messages to their supporters. In the next debate, I expect Kerry, and to a lesser extent Bush, to reach out the the undecided voters and try to win them over. After this debate, it's clear that a previously undecided voter would still remain on the fence.

Note: You know I wouldn't talk about George without mentioning his trademark Bushisms. The Bushisms were not really quote worthy, as they are kind of expected. Maybe I'll find a gem in the transcript.

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