Thursday, September 30, 2004


Back on the Track

It's been some time. Transitioning back into the academic life has been somewhat challenging, given my unconventional views regarding the education system here (or education altogether, for that matter.) Nonetheless, one has no choice, for there is no true choice when every option is predetermined.
Philosophy aside, things are starting to settle into what's becoming a tedious routine. Seeing the same faces everyday, walking the same steps everydayt and recollecting the same thoughts every now and then. Everyday I realize how much potential I have in hating things. No, I don't hate people and I don't encourage it, but I could do it really well if I cared to. I've come to realize that I spend an excessive amount of time rejudging people I already know. For instance, I do this as I listen to intellectually unmoving talks, by some so-called friends, about how they've once again started a new friendship with that girl, unaware of my awareness that such aquaintence is motivated solely by looks. I'd say this approach is harmless, but telling about it everyday is definitely numbing my grey matter. Another class of individuals that can, in principle, deserve my hatred, are those who display symptoms of AAD. I'm not reiterating, but Lord tell me how can some people be so naive about world events that are taking place as we speak? We're in the 21st century for God's sake, it's supposed to be the Information Age or what not, so why do people still refuse to be informed one way or another? Why not broaded their scope of mentality by engaging themselves in a Kerry-style debate, just for the sake of debating? People need to be more opinionated, or they will no longer qualify as persons.
In any case, I suppose being involved with such pitiful people is also becoming part of the routinely cycle. Do I hate? No, but I can't give enough credit to the man who said the following: "I either want less corruption, or more chance to participate in it." For now, I'll lean more towards the former. Amen.

Actually, the grey matter thing is a common misconception. The stuff that actually lines your neuron's to make them transmit data faster is white. So these people are numbing your white matter. Alas, this is what the information age has come to...God save our white matter.
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