Saturday, September 04, 2004


An uninformed political rant.

Is it possible that I am the only person infuriated and frustrated by the incompetence of the news media and the ease by which politicians can manipulate the masses? I am not a conspiracy theorist but, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!. You know when pro wrestling decided it would no longer hide the fact that it was fake? When they said to themselves: "Who cares about pretending its real. They dont care. They like it just the same. So why waste our energy?" Well, I believe politicians and government have reached the same point. When some iron pumping lump of steriods and human growth hormone can become the highest elected official in the most populated state in the United States of America and then make a speech about "economic girlie men" to the roaring applause and appreciation of thousands of so called republicans, I guess they just aren't trying anymore. When said official does that with a hilarious accent, they really stopped trying. I haven't been this frustrated since the Olsen Twins countdown ended and I was no where near them. But I digress. Maybe one day CNN and the rest of the so called media will decide the death of thousands of innocent people due to a "miscalculation" by the so called leader of the free world is more of a scandal than Michael Jackson and his "Jesus Juice" or who is banging who in Hollywood. Well, maybe not that. But they're almost there. It's like the world is crumpling all around me and all I can do is laugh it off. I am about to cry here. Maybe we need a revolution. I am not an American, but who are we kidding? They run the world. So a revolution in America can only be good for the world. I'm not talking revolution like guys wearing pink shirts in public, I'm talking revolution like Napolean, Civil War, Che Guevara gun slinging shit. Well, now I'm inciting violence. But as Thomas Jefferson put it, "An elective despotism was not the government we fought for."

P.S, I will not be posting anything for the next week as I will be making the transition to living on campus at University, so expect something from Nab and hang tight.

Big Brother Is Watching...
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