Thursday, September 02, 2004


Thou shalt not kiss the arse of fame.

The other day I was out for some ‘get-together’ time with a few friends, our first destination was a café wherein we were obliged to watch the incomprehensible final episode of the Middle Eastern version of American Idol (which was broadcast on a Lebanese channel.) The two finalists did not impress me and I expressed my opinion of them to my friends, all of which agreed that these singers are unworthy of fame. The finalist who won the competition is seen in the picture below, minutes before the winner is announced, smiling in an orgasmic fashion:

I do congratulate him for feigning humbleness and at least thriving to be a talented fellow. Back to the original discussion – so after the café escapade was over with, we decided to go eat dinner someplace. After being seated, we were watching the local news on TV, and behold, the “superstar” shown above is on the local news. Suddenly, the guy shown above is popular. I emphasized to my friends that I still don’t see the talent in him, something they agreed with. However, one or two of them, who before mocked the singer using homosexual remarks, now seem to respect and almost idolize him. They praised him like he is their first cousin and in all seriousness expressed their newfound emotional attachment towards the pop idol. I like to point out that I am not fond of such hypocritical friends, however, I find it funny that people’s perspectives of others can change in an instant due to fame, wealth and whatever else materialistic attributes. Is this a result of the superficial brainwashing shows the youth watch on TV these days, or are we naturally born shallow and ass-wipers? (Females are especially shallow, and that seems to come natural. Hands down.) People who display such abrupt change in their perspective of others must be avoided, for it is a sign of hypocrisy and they tend to be highly self-interested (read: “Jew.” No pun intended against Judaism though.)
Judge not, lest ye be judged. Until next time, don’t let my writing be your Bible.
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