Monday, December 20, 2004


Seek and ye shall find.

Nab here. I’ve been on a break from Nineteen so I could focus on life, but now life is taking a break off me so I can return here. This is not to say that I’ve ceased thinking Nineteenically over the hiatus, no… I simply had no time to type. I believe tat a man’s identity and existence diminishes when they no longer express their thoughts (here, I assume that everyone thinks, an assumption that is easily disproved and shown to be risky). Because if you do not articulate your thoughts to those around you, what sign do they have of your existence? I think, therefore I am. But I say to you, I think and express, therefore I am.

Leading on. Sometimes, I, myself, feel reluctant to articulate myself to certain people. Why? I haven’t given it much of a thought, but maybe it’s because I do not see a rewarding consequence of conversing with such people. I’ll leave this at this for now and move on to what I had originally intended to write about…

I can’t remember the exact wording, but the original question went something as follows; “If you are looking for an answer, you go to someone who is higher in knowledge than you, right? But what if there is no one higher in knowledge than you? Who do you go for help or advice?”

I think the answer comes down to understanding and mutual knowledge. Someone who is of equal or a slightly higher level of knowledge in a particular issue would be more understanding and attentive to the seeker. Therefore, the seeker and the giver will both gain in experience and knowledge. So what is essentially being asked is, “can I find someone who understands me?” Personally, at the moment, I think there are very few people I know who truly understand me. I think this is the case for most people, there are very few around them who understand them sufficiently to not (mis)judge them. The answer to the question is very subjective, and I think the answer will tell quite a bit about the person. LjonS says “one will have to search within themselves.” One way or another, this is a spiritual answer that I concur with… however, I will explicitly state that I would go to God for advice/help if I cannot find an appropriate human. The upside to this is that your act of seeking will probably lead to you finding an answer (whether due to divine illumination, or the psychological effect of searching for an answer, as in a self-fulfilling prophecy). The downside is that an outcome is not guaranteed, or none should be expected, if you’re not into spiritualism or whatnot.

Further discussion to be anticipated.

i'm rite here, man
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