Thursday, September 04, 2008


McCain Speech Reaction

Tonight John McCain came out with a singular purpose. Biography. He told the crowd and America about who he is and what made him that person. It was very personal. The theme was me, me, me. But in a good way. He tried to show his character. And it was good and effective. He came off as humble at times, and had a good dose of wisdom.

Unfortunately, there was absolutely zero substance. His policy discussion was limited to "I will cut taxes, he will raise them. I will keep America safe, he will not. I will save puppies from Euthanasia, he will set them on fire." It was extremely limited. But John McCain knows he's got no policy agenda to run on. The 2008 Republican platform by all objective measure is more right wing, more corporate and more extreme than the agenda of Bush's Republican party in 2004. In fact, the entire campaign is a relic of the 2004 election. John McCain is counting on the notion that won George Bush the election in 2004. And that was, "Who would you have a beer with?" I'd say Barack Obama but I'm biased. A good number of Americans, especially conservative Americans would say John McCain.

Unfortunately for John McCain 2004 is not 2008. I don't think the American people are going to vote for the guy they like better, I think they are going to vote for the guy with the policies they like better. The McCain campaign will try everything in it's power to keep the issues off the table for the next 2 months and the Obama campaign has to do the opposite. All in all it was a good effort by McCain and his campaign strategy seems clear now. The Sarah Palin pick was to lock down his base and now that he's done that he's going to move to the center, he'll be less partisan, and he'll try to win based on his character. It's all making sense.
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