Monday, January 03, 2005


Changing the spotlight

I was thinking about what shapes our concerns. So the little voice inside my head said, "Depends on who you are, right?". Well, that made sense, momentarily, or at least before being confronted with, "What do you mean by 'who you are'?".

"Well," the voice continued, "depends on how you think, what you think about, what makes you think about something, what affects you, how it affects you and so on and so forth. You get the point."

At that point it "seemed" that I got it. So Mr. Or Miss I-earn-big-bucks-and-I-like-my-useless-luxuries would probably be more likely to be concerned about the scratch on his/her Mercedes or how he/she would earn that extra million. Well, really there's more to it.
But, one aspect, (not necessarily the only one, or the most dominant one) that affects an average person's concerns, might be the media he turns to for news. But as it happens, news selected by media often reflect the concerns of the those that own the media. Or alternatively, it makes sense to say that media avoid reflecting those concerns that might be against the interests of the owners.

So we might often be obsessed with concerns, that are not really ours. Doesn't make sense working for other people's concerns, right? But one might argue its a good thing to care about others. Sure, but not at our own expense right? How about focusing our attention on those problems that concern us all in the long run. Yes, I am talking about the environment and the ecosystem. Thanks to our self-created need for luxury, we have threatened our environment and ecosystem enough to totally screw ourselves up in the near, and I mean very near, future. So how about a bit more thought into this masochist nature of us, human beings of the so called civilized world?

Lets change the spotlight, shall we?

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