Friday, December 17, 2004


Redux Update

The plan is going...well, as planned. I'm still looking for that special template. Writers in need. Email if you want the job. Be a part of the redux.

In lighter news the new Torture Scandal Continues to Fester.

Jeff Jarvis has another hissy fit:
Well, no, you elipseshead, Cole, that's not what caused the decent and civilized bloggers to call you indecent and uncivilized.

I feel nerdier already. Elipseshead?

But it gets better:
What a crock of Cole crap that is: If I point to a report that Jews were responsible for 9/11 and say nothing to correct or disagree with it, then I'd say I'd be guilty of anti-Semitism and blood libel. That is the ethic of the link.

You can't back away that easily, Cole. You made an unsubstantiated and libelous accusation against these good men and until you apologize, you're not off the hook -- in terms of your responsibility, your credibility, and your morality.

This coming from a guy who defends Howard Stern and free speech like they both had his baby. Obsess much?

I'm not defending Cole here, or just hating on Jeff. I just can't stand this little vendetta. Other bloggers have criticized Cole without looking like complete jerks.

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