Friday, November 26, 2004


Late Night Roundup

LONDON (Reuters) - Parliamentarians will table a motion on Wednesday demanding a debate on Prime Minister Tony Blair's "gross misconduct" in leading Britain to war against Iraq.

Pretty gross if you ask me.

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada is being considered for a big role in preparing for and possibly monitoring Iraq's upcoming election, a Canadian national newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing sources.

Where was Canada on November 2nd?

U.S., Iraqis Sweep Through 'Triangle of Death' (Reuters)

Whatever happened to the 'Circle of Life'? Lame. I know.

And the "Story of The Night Award" goes to...

Canadian Press -- Globe and Mail
Khartoum — Prime Minister Paul Martin brought a message of hope and peace to a displaced person's camp in Sudan on Thursday.
In an unfortunate incident as his convoy was leaving the camp, a security vehicle near the front of the procession struck a five-year-old girl, who was then taken to hospital by ambulance.
Ms. Gruer said that Mr. Martin plans to visit the girl in hospital before he boards his plane to leave the area.
He drew another ovation with word that the Prime Minister's Office had brought “a planeload” of schoolbooks, crayons and supplies. He told them that Canada would continue to help Sudan.

Nice. Very nice.

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