Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I've Got 3 Dimensions

There are certain individuals in our society that can be accurately described as "one dimensional". This term is very vague and can have a variety of definitions. In my understanding a one dimensional person is like a cartoon character drawn into my three dimensional world, a la "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?".

These characters lack a sense of realism. They seem to transcend reality. I am befuddled by their existence and their ability to survive in my "real world". Someone like Donald Trump, aka The Donald, aka The Dude with the Funny Hair, aka The "You're Fired!" Guy is a cartoon character that should have never made it in my world. He seems to be "unreal". How did this goof get that rich, I ask myself daily.

But the answer hit me suddenly, like a craving for cocaine. I realized, people are not born as cartoon characters, instead they turn into them. This is my naive theory about these one dimensional individuals. Currently, my theory doesn't hold water. It is actually a work in progress. I am convinced The Donald was Mr. Trump, the really good business man and smart executive who takes his life seriously, before he decided to whore himself on TV and become a cartoon character. But I'm not so sure about Paris Hilton, or any of her pseudocrackwhore friends. I think they were born as cartoons.

Every once in a while, I get the feeling that I have a fouth dimention too, but I realize I'm being cartoonish.
donald still is a businessman who just found a new way of makign money. he's doing what sells
Ankstotle, so are whores.
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