Wednesday, October 13, 2004


The End is Near

Well, in the final episode of the Presidential Debates Road Show both contestants seemed a bit more self-conscious. I noticed a lot of effort made by Kerry to come off as personable and compassionate, while Bush tried to sound smarter.

The debate was on domestic policy. Interestingly, only two-thirds of the debate covered anything domestic.

I don't care anymore. I just want to see the end. This election can't come soon enough. The rest of the blogosphere has already done a good job covering it anyway.

Ann Althouse gets the ironic statement of the night award for her use of the word platitudinous in reference to the "wordy liberal senator from Massachusetts".
Kerry's closing statement: something about "ideers" and reaching higher and grabbing dreams. "Embark on that journey with me." Pretty platitudinous. Bush: there's painting in the Oval Office that has something to do with seeing the sunrise and hence with the way things are getting better in the U.S.

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