Sunday, October 31, 2004


Canadians at Risk

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - A key U.S. anti-terrorism law threatens the privacy of Canadians and rigorous steps are needed to protect private medical and financial information, a government study said Friday.

Current safeguards are not sufficient to prevent the FBI from using the USA Patriot Act to force U.S. firms and their foreign subsidiaries to turn over private data even if doing so violates Canadian law, the province of British Columbia's privacy commissioner said.

VICTORIA - B.C Privacy Commissioner David Loukidelis says the USA Patriot Act violates provincial privacy laws, because it can order American companies to hand over information on British Columbians in secret.

Summary of the report here and the full report here.

This is some very unsettling news. I'm glad the Canadian government is at least attempting to protect its citizens but it may be too little too late. If the Patriot Act can infringe upon the rights of non-Amricans, I wonder how much power it yields at home?

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