Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Ankstotle's Inaugural Address

A boring work environment is very unfortunate, really, I used to think that work is work, no matter what, as long as you are doing your own thing, being independent, its all well and done. For those of you who are annoyed by the run on sentences, feel free to correct them at work, think of it as something to do while you are bored at your work.

As evident by this piece of writing, I am at work and I am bored, not bored because I have no work, bored because I have irrelevant work. I am given projects to do that have no relevance of any kind to the operations of the company. They just expect me to make pretty charts and I am given a week to change the font of the title to bold and underline. Yesterday, I spent about an hour deciding whether Arial or Times New Roman is the font of choice, it was like deciding between Coke and Pepsi. I can swear it’s the exact same thing when going down with a slice of pizza. Just a fun fact though, I opened a can of coke the other day and that thing fizzed for a good hour after I opened the can. They pack more CO2 in that thing than a small tree and then some.

Its not helping me that its colder inside my cabin than it is outside and I live in Canada where cold weather has the same relation as the TAJ does to MJ. It just makes sense. Here’s the crazy thing, I have no windows in my cabin, yet I feel the cold air hitting me harder than the Waterboy (Adam Sandler) himself. Just then, I realized, there’s an air conditioner installed on the ceiling, one of those centrally air conditioned. I just found a way to pass some more time, find the guy who controls the central air conditioner and tell him to turn on the heat. I mean cold weather, boring work, and a fizzing coke can are the recipes to a ,drool all over your desk, kind of sleep. Why do you think polar bears sleep in the winter; because its cold and they are bored, that’s just a proven fact.

Despite all these minor distractions, it is important to maintain focused and keep on working, hoping that the next time you stare at the clock, the Gods will smile upon you and finally move the minute hand. The other day, I was excited when the PR lady, who is quite a looker, announced “coffee truck”. I ran harder than a kid running after an ice cream truck and I don’t even drink coffee. I got my chocolate chip cookie, said my daily hi to the PR lady, made small talk about how traffic in Toronto is getting worse everyday and back to my seat. It doesn’t help when you have 3 supervisors and all 3 of them assigning the same task to you. The work is interesting but there is just not enough to go around but I can not break the code of an employee and ask for more work. That’s like a kid who hates broccoli asking for more broccoli just because his parents think its good for him. It just doesn’t make sense.

I spent half an hour the other day looking at gross pictures of my supervisor’s new born baby just because it was better than sitting in front of a computer, entering useless data. I mean, sure, if I had a kid, I’d love it to death, take pictures of it everyday etc and all that good stuff but do I really need to show everyone how sticky kids are when they are born. My first thought was, is that baby sick or just ugly or both? I felt bad thinking that but the thought still holds true. The lesson learned is, no matter how ugly, your kid would always look the best to you. I can really connect with that because the philosophy with babies and cars is the same thing. If its yours, you better get used to it and make the most of the situation.

Now, I just hope my seniors at work don’t read this.

That was jokes Sparkie, after I got over your horrid grammar in the first paragraph/sentence… I actually laughed, I’m so used to laughing at you that I was surprised to laugh with you! Good job, but don’t quit your day job!
Ankaz, can i borrow some of your time, i'm short
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