Friday, October 08, 2004


The 2nd Presidential Workout

Both men spent a good hour and a half on the excersice bike tonight. Kerry seemed to be in great shape, until he hit the wall with about 23 minutes left. Bush on the other hand got off to a slow start but came back from behind late in the workout to match Kerry's level.

Did Kerry stumble? No. But he did slow down.

Did Bush stumble? Sorry, stupid question. When did Bush stumble? A few times, most notably: "The National Journal named Senator Kennedy the most liberal senator of all". If it even mattered what The National Journal labelled Kerry, I would have something to say about this mix-up.

My favorite question to Bush: "Can you tell us of 3 mistakes you've made as President?" (More or less) Answer: "I don't make mistakes. I've never made a mistake. Grrr." (More or less)

Overall: As I said, both men had a good workout on the bike. Didn't get anywhere. I'd give "The Most Reasonable Player" award to Kerry. Bush gets the "Most Likely to Become a Successful Stand-Up Comedian Among Slack-jawwed Yokels" award. That's the second time he's won the award and his 4th consecutive nomination.

In my honest opinion these debates are not getting anyone anywhere. It's a loss for the American public everytime. They might as well have the election tommorow, because I don't see any Kerry/Bush supporters changing their minds and I'm pretty sure those undecideds will just toss up a coin.

That debate almost made me want to scowl. Almost.

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