Monday, August 30, 2004


For crying out loud!

Its the Olympics dammit! $1.5 Billion dollars in security, the costliest ever. 70,000 police and soldiers (that's about 7 per athlete and 76 per spectator). But somehow Cornelius Horan (pictured below), a pale, Irish, middle aged, ex-priest cut through the security like hot urine through a snowball.
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How on earth can a man, dressed like that, run onto the track and attack an athlete for nearly 15 seconds before someone shows up? I am appalled. Vanderlei de Lima of Brazil deserves a gold medal. As a matter of fact, give him two. That ex-priest seems to be up to old tricks as he looks to be tweaking the left nipple of the runner at his obvious displeasure. He is seen here again, doing the same thing to some sort of security official:
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The attacker was carrying a sign that read "The Grand Prix Priest Israel Fulfilment of Prophecy Says the Bible." Go figure.

For surviving this horrid attack, de Lima deserves one gold medal, and for being such a good sport when he finished the race he deserves another. Take it away from the American gymnast who sounds a lot like a girl and give it to de Lima if you ran out of medals.

In the name of the Marathon, the Run, and the Holy Sprint.
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