Thursday, July 22, 2004


Enter the Nabuchadnezzar

Nabuchadnezzar (hereafter known as Nab) now enters the realm of Nineteen. Here I come, to bring light where darkness prevails. To bring insight where ignorance resides. Etc.

Like RealTM, you may start to notice the note of all-knowing-ness in my logs. However, my all-knowingness is genuine. I can probably tackle every problem your mind can muster. From modern political issues to emotional problems with your boyfriends/girlfriends. Try me.

If you have something to comment on, I advice you to do so. Keeping thoughts and feelings locked within you is not healthy (not that I care about your health), thought identifying yourself in your comment would be half-decent so at least I know how to address you in my comebacks (otherwise I'd just go for "jackass".) No, "jackass" is not copyrighted.

Update: For the jackass who's posting comments about strangers, I present you a double-cream serving of this.
Another Update: This site, being in its early stages of growth, is not known by a great crowd of people. Having said that, it's quite easy to tell who is commenting by the style of writing and use of vocabulary, given the assumption that the people commenting this far are people who know me in person and secretly hate me. And thanks to my ICT studies from highschool, I know enough to compare IP addresses.

Sue me.

HAHAHAHHAHAHHA i guess that was meant for the person that said "U SUCK ASS" dat would be me.. yeah anyways..
LMAO next time when u try to be funny, PLZ PLZ MAKE IT ACTUALLY FUNNY... i'm jus laughin AT U cuz u try too hard! =)lmao and trust me.. YOU ARE THE JACKASS.. not me =) nice try to make me look stupid, but i think u only made urself look stupid for caring this much about some dumbass comment...
well i guess ur gonna be writing some "come-backs" on here for me.. cuz obviously u got no life and PLEASE TRY TO MAKE IT GOOD... cuz this last one almost made me fall asleep for christ's sake man.. but someone has to comment on it.. might as well be me =).. anyways, i knwo ur next comeback "oh u dont have a life for reading this and commenting on it" ...*YAWN* k jus try to make it good...
aight im out
It's really brave posting comments anonymously. But then again, you probably haven't gone through enough highschool to know what anonymous means. I noticed how you assume that I try to be "funny"; I'm not. I'm simply writing things with no intention to make people laugh/cry/care/post comments. Then you speak about people not having lives because they post comments. This is known as hypocrisy (look it up, or ask your mum what this word means) because you, being so busy and lively with so many things to do, decided to visit a stranger’s weblog and post comments about their logs before they even post anything. No, this is not a comeback, I’m just passing time. I could’ve deleted your comment and shrugged it off, but I decided to make something out of it. So which highschool grade did you drop out of? Oh, my bad, you never made it. Until next time, how about a nice warm cup of shut the fuck up?
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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