Thursday, July 22, 2004


Citius Altius Fortius

First things first, welcome Nab. Very pleased to have your input. I believe you will all benefit from his insight. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Well, according to a recent poll, 87% of those surveyed in North America "Couldn't Care Less" that the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece are less than a month away. I assure you I am not among the disinterested majority. No, I give a damn. Why am I such an advocate of these games? Because I am a true believer in the will and strength of the corporate spirit. Every 4 years, at these summer games, the best of the best in the corporate world come together to showcase their strength as truly multi-national organizations. It brings a tear to my eye knowing that I share a common bond with some guy in China through not only McDonald's but perhaps Kodak or even Xerox. Every time I take a picture of myself with my tasty meat-flavoured Big Mac and photocopy that picture 16 times to post all over my room and send to my friends, I know I am playing my part as a responsible global citizen. So I suggest you do the same. Be a part of your community and help these nice people take over the world.

On a lighter note, it appears Nab has received his first hate mail. Well done Nab. For the Anonymous sender, I would suggest you see this. If you have done so already, I suggest you ask someone to help you read Rule 1, preferably someone outside your family since stupidity is genetic. Also if your comments contain any combination of the following: "LOL, LMAO, PLZ, JUS, and AIGHT", you will confirm your mental age and IQ are both single digit numbers and that the correct response to your comment will likely include but is not limited to: humiliation, degradation and personal attacks. Its like bullying the dumb kid at school, I'm sure your type are very familiar with that concept. Hopefully this harsh yet just approach to blog policing will not deter the average reader. I hope this is fair warning for those individuals who find the spelling of "the" is far too complicated and prefer "teh".
Note: I didn't make up "Schlumberger", as funny as it sounds. And no, John Hancock has nothing to do with what you think. They are both real companies.

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