Friday, May 21, 2004

This is the first edition of what I hope will be the greatest published thing ever. That's right, I don't know whether this is an e-zine, or a webpage, or a blog (what is a blog?). Nevertheless, it is my goal to make it the best of whatever it may be, or may turn out to be since I don't know what that is either. Well actually, since I don't know what is now, how can I ever now what it may become! Silly me.

Anyways, here is something that I think I know what it is. It is my "Observation of the Day! Here goes:

Today, I was watching the news and I heard about the whole incident with Ahmed Chalabi in Iraq, in which Chalabi's house and office was raided and funding was cut off for his nationalist party, the Iraqi National Congress. It occurred to me that the media was stressing that no one knows what really happened, although it is blatantly obvious. I won't explain it all, here is a link and if you have an IQ of anything over 6 you'll know what happened. Anyways, the part of the observation that mattered was what Rumsfeld said when asked about the incident. The man said, and I quote "my understanding is that the Iraqis are involved in this."

Now, I thought really hard about this and I realized I could be mistaken. But after countless hours of deliberation I have come to the conclusion that Iraqi's had to be involved since the man whose house/office was raided is in fact Iraqi. Furthermore, I have learned the house/office is located in Iraq, and by deductive reasoning I have come to the conclusion that it is very likely the employees at the office were also Iraqi.

I'm glad the whole fiasco is over and things have been cleared up. Mr. Rumsfeld has again managed to not know what's happening over there and when confronted reply with either a blatantly obvious and inconsequential statement, or a lie.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Ofcourse Iraqi's are involved. Pretty funny.
NAB... SUCKS ASS!!! =)
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